Taste changes are prevalent in 40-50% of CKD patients both on dialysis and conservatively managed. Self-reported description includes blandness, metallic, bitter, and others. Patients may describe specific symptoms such as loss of interest in meat. Mechanism is complex but includes changes in CKD specific salivary electrolyte composition, and general genetics, age.

Taste plate: suggested management strategies (taste changes in advanced CKD factsheet)

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Examples of foods in each category
Bitter foods: Coffee, tea, alcohol (e.g. beer, wine), chocolate
Acidic/sour foods: Lemon and lime juices, carbonated drinks, vinegars
Carbohydrate-based foods:  Honey, maple syrup, fruit juices, tomato, beetroot
Menthol: Mints, chewing gums


Note RE Zinc supplementation: choose an over-the counter Zinc supplement containing elemental zinc 30-50mg, WITHOUT vitamin A

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