Current Projects

1. CKD-FIX study

           Study summary

           Study Coordinator: Paula Williamson

2. Simplicity- HTN - Renal Denervation in patients with uncontrolled hypertension

Chief Investigator: A/Prof George Mangos

Study Co-ordinator: Jenny Beddoe

3. Postpartum Physiology, Psycology and Paediatric follow up study (P4 study)

            Chief Investigator: A/Prof Greg Davis, A/Prof George Mangos and Prof Mark Brown

            Study Co-ordinator: Lynne Roberts

4. REDUCCTION: Reducing the burden of dialysis catheter complications: A National approach

Chief investigator: A/Prof Sunil Badve

Study Co-ordinators: Yanell Martinez-Smith

5. PDOPPS: Peritoneal dialysis outcomes and practice patterns study

Chief investigator: A/Prof Badve

Study Co-ordinator: Claire Cuesta


Research Students


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